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Connect with people based on interests that define you in each question

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Find friends that share the same interests as you.

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Lets us help you explore new potential and find what drives you.

How It Works

What makes it special

Making People Link by letting you share your thoughts and interests and what truly makes you, you!

It is simple

Simplicity and fun in being able to connect with the world and express who you are. Trust in the app to help you drive your aspirations, goals and motivations.

Connect with people

As you interact and define who you are, we want to make sure to bring you closer to like minded individuals and quality targeted content.

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Build new connections

Questions to connect with the world

Build new relations with your own set of questions. Share them with the world.

“The perfect app to meet new people that are into the same things you are! Easy and fun. Gives you full confidence that the person you matched with is truly someone you have things in common with.”

“I can ask all the questions I ever think about and see who answers like me! I can get down to specifics. No matter how random my question might sound to people, I know I have a match out there.”

“I would use it next time I’m on vacation, the app can tell me what or who I might like to see! My interests are always saved so when I go to a new location, no need to wander when there could be possibilities everywhere!”

“Easiest way to make friends! Me2U makes sure you are a match. You post a question and see who’d answer the same as you! None of those fake swipes, or crazy algorithms. Just be you.”